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School Girl Punished by Brother for Misbehaving in Class


Hot Blonde Russian teen comes home late from school to find her brother waiting. Her brother goes through here diary to find she has been misbehaving quite a bit in class. She knows father will no be happy to see her actions. After seeing several infractions from the teacher, her brother throws the diary at her and begins to punish her for misbehaving.

The brother rips off his belt to begin educating her on how to behave correctly. After a few lashes she begs him to stop. The brother flips her around onto his knees and begins to spank her. She promises to obey and confesses that she is not as grown as she claimed to be. Her brother decides it is time that she learns to grow up. He yanks her panties up and to the side, then starts to finger her. All her sass has stopped and she is being over come with the erotic sensation.

After the brother realizes his mistake, that she is actually enjoying it, he is forced to step it up a notch and orders her to her knees. He forces his cock into her mouth and begins sucking in fear of more punishment. The taboo of fucking her own brother is too much, he can sense it too. It quickly escalates to a full on fuck fest.

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Date: March 2, 2021

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