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wife jenny smart gets dick for breakfast


wife jenny smart gets dick for breakfast

Husband wakes up early in the morning and then kisses his beloved wife sleeping next to him. He then gets up and heads up to the kitchen, takes a cup and teabag in it. Then boils water.

Meanwhile the wife do not find his husband as she wakes up. So she takes a robe just wearing bra and panties inside and goes down to the kitchen. Right at the time, the tea is ready for her.

She takes a cup of tea and sits on the couch.  The husband then comes behind her and starts to touch. She then takes her rope off. He comes to the front and keeps touching her. Wife takes off her bra showing boobs and spreads her legs to touch herself. The husband takes out his boned dick and the wife begins to put it inside her mouth. She started to such it like a baby sucking an ice cream.  She keeps doing it.