Teen Skips School So Gets Blackmailed By Stepmom


Teen Skips School So Gets Blackmailed By Stepmom

The daughter skips class and heads towards home. She calls her boyfriend to her home thinking that her parents are not home. But as she was going to hang up she hears somebody moaning. She then hangs up the call telling him that she would call him later.

The daughter being confused moves towards the source of sound, goes up stairs and it happens to be coming from her mother’s bedroom. She become more curious and slowly opens the door. There she sees that her mother is masturbating and inserting a dildo into her pussy and this turned her on.

The horny teen now steps aside of the door and starts to touch herself as she hears her mother moaning. All of a sudden the daughter get the phone call and her mobile phone vibrates which breaks the flow of the mother.

The mother call her in and asks her why she was home that early. The daughter makes up a reason which the stepmother is not satisfied with. So the mother says that she was going to report it to her father. The daughter is now in trouble and begs her not to tell her father. Utilizing this chance mother blackmails her daughter to help her finish her masturbation. It seems the daughter has no other choice.

Then they takes off the clothes and start kissing. Mother touches her whole body and play with the pussy. She licks it and the daughter likes it very much. They do it turn by turn. She sits on daughter’s face and moves her hips. They stop after mother squirts and came out.


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