Stepmom Ryan Ryans and daughter Uma Jolie playing with each other.


Stepmom Ryan Ryans and daughter Uma Jolie playing with each other.

The stepmother is cutting the watermelon in the kitchen and there arrives her daughter. The daughter takes a slice of watermelon and says it is refreshing. Stepmom says that it was for the dinner but she could have some. She turns towards her and tells that the melons are juicy and yummy which she agrees. The stepdaughter asks if she tried some and the response comes negative.

The mother then takes a juice drifting from daughter’s mouth by her thumb and sucks the thumb in a weird way. Then the daughter offer her a bite of melon that she was having. The daughter does the same as the stepmom to the juice drifting from her mouth. They keep taking a bite turn by turn. Daughter keeps the melon aside.

The stepmom feeds the melon again. This time the mother licks the juice of the daughter and the daughter gets shocked.

The stepmom then breaks the melon and rubs it on the daughter’s chest and later to her tits. The daughter kind of enjoys it and gets afraid if dad would come home. The mother now licks her boobs and the daughter enjoys her touch.

The stepmom lifts her up into the slab. Turned on daughter now starts to touch mom as well. They start kissing. The horny mom takes her pants off, spanks her in the ass chick.

She then spreads her leg and play with her pussy. Now the daughter screams with pleasure. The slutty stepmom inserts her two fingers into the daughter’s pussy and keeps thrusting.

Now it’s the turn of the stepdaughter to lick mom’s hairy pussy. She inserts her fingers into it as she licks it. She moans with pleasure. The daughter sits on mom’s face to be licked and she begs not to stop. They keep doing it turn by turn.


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