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Stepbrother Slowly Seduces Stepsister While Studying





Stepbrother Slowly Seduces Stepsister While Studying

While studying the stepbrother comes to poke bumpcheek. He tells her that she knows those stuffs so let them have a break. The stepsister denies to hang out. But the brother tickles her at feet then she starts to laugh. She tells him to stop because she could not focus on studies. But the stepbrother does not stop tickling her under arms as well.

The stepbrother says that he is horny so she sould take a break. Also he mentions that they were meant to help each other out when they are horny. The brother tickles her and pulls down her pants. When he touches her pussy he finds it wet.

Still the stepsister keeps denying to be fucked. Bother insists so finally she agrees to let him jerk off just by look at it.  He inserts his finger inside her pussy. Later he gets on her back and start rubbing his dick on her pussy and ass.

Slowly  step by step the stepbrother reaches to her pussy and inserts his dick inside her. Now she comes to an agreement to get fucked. She then starts to give him bolwjob. Spreads her legs apart and the brother starts goving her dick.

The horny teen actually likes it very much. She gives blowjob rides it and again gets his hard cock from in brween the thighs. Finally she takes his cum in her mouth and says its tasty.