Mother and Step daughter Shares Cum


Mother and Step daughter Shares Cum

The horny step mother opens the door for the plumber as the door bell rings and takes him to the kitchen to fix the sink. The step daughter is sitting on the couch in the living room.

As the plumber goes under the sink to examine the problem in the sink the step mother sits on top of the plumber. This makes plumber shocked but right after that she touches him. The plumber seems to like it very much and does nothing

The step mother pulls his pants and starts to suck his dick after playing with it for some certain time. She gives him blow job.

Seeing this The daughter hits the mother with a ball of paper piece. Sluty stepmother takes her to the kitchen and there she is made to give blow job.

All three of them goes to the bedroom and now it becomes threesomes.  The plumber guy starts to fuck the teen stepdaughter. Meanwhile the mother plays with the boy and exchanges saliva with the daughter.

Then it’s the mother’s turn to be fucker from in between the legs. The stepdaughter sits on the face of the mother and she gets licked by the daughter.

Hard dick now cums over the pussy of the mother and the daughter licks them all. The plumber gives more to the mother in doggy even after the ejaculation.

They both gives blow job and the guy cums inside the mother’s mouth which she shares with the daughter mouth to mouth.


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