Moms Teach Sex to daughter with her boyfriend.


Moms Teach Sex to daughter with her boyfriend.

The mother comes to the daughter’s room to inform her that her boyfriend has been waiting for her
to get ready to go out somewhere. The daughter asks if boys like to smell pussy. Mother smiles and
sits beside her and tells her that it helps them to turn them on so they like to smell pussy. Being
more curious the daughter again asks if the boys like to share pussy. For this question mother says
that it depends on the guy. Being more and more curious the daughter starts to ask more questions.
Mother says that more importantly females need to exercise their inner muscle of vagina by squeezing
and releasing it.

The daughter now takes off her top to get changed and the mother says to take off her shorts as well
so that she can teach her the proper way to do the exercise. The daughter agrees and the mother now
now starts to masturbate her pussy. She starts to moan with pleasure. All of a sudden the daughter
wants to see the pussy of the mother if it looks same as of hers. The mother shows it to her and soon
they both begins to play with their own pussies.

Boyfriend who was waiting for his girl comes to see why it took so long to get ready. He becomes so
shocked to see the actions of his girlfriend and her mother. Then he watches them secretly from the
door. Seeing them he pulls his cock and starts to jerk. The mother sees him and calls him in to join.
The boy now fucks the daughter in front of her mother. Also the mother sits on the face of the
daughter so she licks her vagina.

Then the mother asks him to fuck her as well. She licks her
daughter’s pussy while she gets fucked from in between the legs. He fucks them both turn by turn.
The boy cums inside the daughter’s pussy which drips on to the mom’s pussy as he pulls out his dick.
All three of them becomes happy and satisfied.


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