Jillian Janson Gets Fucked In The Ass During Interview


Jillian Janson Gets Fucked In The Ass During Interview

Jillian Janson is called for the interview. She is telling that she will be there at 3pm as asked. Sexy Janson goes to the interview dressing the tops and the panties. She then brings to read the script as the interview begins.

But the HR is currently thinking about other thing than her acting. May be it is because of her outfit. He goes near her and tells that she looks pretty with the outfit and starts to touch her body. The man asks how bad she wants the role in the movie for which she replies that she wants it very very bad.

Sick man now touches her boobs. Sexy Janson says it is wrong to do so mething like that and the interviewer replies  that he knows and again asks how bad she wants the job. Now she realizes what he wants and supports to whatever he does.

They begin to kiss and the horny girl now asks if she lets him fuck all things will settle. But the HR wants to bang her in the ass. She agrees to give a try and bends over. Then man spits in the asshole and plays for a while.

Jillian Janson gives blowjob to him and he licks her pussy and  he inserts his huge dick to that wet pussy. The HR then inserts his huge cock in her ass slowly. Later he inserts his whole cock and she keeps squirting. She takes it from behind and also from top. The horny blonde enjoys it so much that she keeps cumming from time to time.

The HR wants her to take his cum on her face and she does the same.


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