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Fucked My Stepsister On Couch


Fucked My Stepsister On Couch

While stepsister is watching on her mobile brother comes jerking his cock.  The sister gets shocked. The stepbrother says she looks cute on couch and also discloses that he watched her sleeping that night.

The brother says their parents are not coming home for some time and asks her to suck his dick. The stepsister denies and says she is nervous. He gives her confidence telling her that it is same as doing it for her boyfriend.

The stepsister has a dick in front of her face now. She gives blowjob to him. Shes takes it deep throat. Now he wants to see her naked so she gets naked right away. The horny teen bends for the cock on the couch.

The stepbrother glides his huge cock inside her pussy. She loves ti fuck and thrusts back her hips. She rides it, sucks his huge dick, moans and  takes his cum inside the mouth.

The unsatisfied teen sucks his cock clean and swallows the cum.