Brother fucks to his StepSister and Her Friend.


Brother fucks to his StepSister and Her Friend.

Two best friends are talking about a boy and about the kiss. They are saying to each other that she is the prettiest girl they know. The girls begin to talk about each other’s body and tell that she has more perfect body than herself.

One says to the other than she has very very nice boobs and gets a little upset about her own boobs being so small. So they begin to praise each others body and wants to the tits and boobs and vaginas. And now they are naked and playing with their bodies inserting a dildo in the pussy.

As it goes on one tries to kiss the other but then they both realize that it is so awkward. One of the friend says that she likes dick and the other girl goes from there saying that she would be right back.

It turns out that she goes to the living room where her brother is doing something over mobile phone. There she tells that she really want to fuck  her friend but her friend likes dick so she needs his help. The brother becomes surprised and shocked at the same time to see his stepsister naked in front of him and also he refuses the offer. She tries a lot but he keep denying because he thinks she is bullshitting.

Her friend on the other room is bored of waiting and and also hears some yelling, so goes to the living room to see why it is taking so much time for her friend. The brother seeing the other girl naked as well realizes that his stepsister wasn’t joking. The brother asks the other girl that if they needed his help. They respond affirmative so now they begin to have threesome on the couch. The girls suck his dick turn by turn. They kiss to one another.

The stepsister too rides his cock while he eats her friend’s pussy. The friend takes it in doggy and licks her friend’s pussy. They both want him to cum in their mouth and he does exactly what they wanted.


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